1-on-1 Guidance

Everyone Needs Help to Get Their Sh!t Together

Struggling with tender love and care for your Self? Curious about Yoga but afraid to try it? Just finished Yoga teacher training but don’t know how to start your business? Whatever it is, don’t worry.

I got you.

I will bend over backwards to support you!

A mentor is someone who serves as a trusted teacher and advisor, and a coach provides organized instruction to hone your abilities. My mentorship coaching incorporates the best of both worlds, providing you with compassionate counsel while putting you on a structured achieve path to your goals.

You won’t receive a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach with me. Everyone has different needs, so every mentorship coaching session is unique to the person I work with. Whether you are a beginner yogi seeking guidance, a wellness professional building a business, or just someone trying to make it in this stressful world, know this . . .

I got you.

This Ain’t For Play-Play

My mentorship coaching is for those who are ready to commit to doing the work.

And yes, we will WORK!

During the consultation, we evaluate your goals and needs so I can develop an effective strategy to meet them. Throughout our time together I focus on expanding your capabilities through collaborative leadership and assessing your growth as we go.

Session are up to 90 minutes and are very hands-on, engaging, and productive. Clients are required to take detailed notes and are given assignments and resources to continue their progress beyond our meeting. You can choose to meet as needed, or have a multi-week package for greater growth. Options are:

  • Single Lesson
  • Set-of-3 Weekly Lessons
  • Set-of-5 Weekly Lessons


Hype You Up

Beginning a journey into personal wellness can be intimidating. It is easy to question our abilities, especially when we compare ourselves to what we see on social media. I affirm you in overcoming your internal obstacles of Self-doubt so that you recognize your own greatness.

Grow Yo’ Skillz

When it comes to Yoga poses, true expertise comes from continuous personal practice. But that practice can be detrimental when you aren’t given constructive feedback on alignment and modifications to best support you physically. I help you hone your skills to ensure you are doing what is most safe and beneficial for your body.

Checkin’ On You

Are you keeping the promises you made to your Self? Are you doing the work to reach your goals? Accountability helps us succeed. Having someone check in with you and hold you to your word means the difference between moving forward or staying stagnant.

Call You Out

We all like and want to hear the positive things about us. But ignoring the shadow parts of ourselves keeps us from full, true growth. I challenge you by telling you what you need to hear. This ranges from identifying Self-destructive negative thought patterns to confronting actions and behaviors that negatively affect both you and others.

Let’s Get It Started!

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