#SoulSharing: Stop Forcing Love

February 23, 2016

Something I’ve had to learn over the years is to stop chasing people and begging for them to let me love them. It wasn’t necessarily a poor self-worth thing; if anything I thought my love was very much worthy. But at the time, what I wasn’t understanding was that even if I knew my love was worth it, I couldn’t make other people receive it if they didn’t want to. I had to wake up to the reality that love is never to be forced, whether that be love forced from someone or forced onto someone. Love is a gift, and truthfully, not everyone wants it from you, or is ready to receive it from you.

And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean your love is worthless or that the other person is bad for not being open to it. It just means move along and give your love to those who desire it, who will appreciate and value it. Because for every one person who doesn’t want your love, there’s a dozen other people in your life who do.

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