#SoulSharing: Erase The Stigma

March 24, 2017

Okay y’all, these “Wanna kill yourself? Imagine this” posts are awful. I know folks are sharing with good intent, but the truth is, these posts shame people dealing with major depression and guilt us into living rather than address the reasons why we may be wanting to die. And truth is, folks think about the ones we’d be leaving behind. Either we feel friends and family will be better off (because depression alters our way of thinking) or the mental pain is so bad that escaping is the highest need.

If someone wants to kill themselves, don’t give them a laundry list of all the people they’d hurt if they died. Help us to recognize and feel the love from the people who appreciate that we’re alive. Spend time with us. Listen to our pain. Hug and hold us. Give us a safe space to release hurt. Be compassionate and patient as we experience emotional numbness. Just be present for us as we go through this, and don’t push us to move further or faster than we are able. And when we can handle it, take us out to spend time around others with good and loving energy. Because we need that light to help shine away the darkness.

Help heal depression and prevent suicide by LOVING us through it.

Thank you. And please share.

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