Beginner Basics Yoga Workshop, 6/23/18

Saturday, June 23, 10:30am to 12:00pm

Beginner Basics Yoga Workshop

Soul Liberation Yoga & Wellness goes beyond just doing physical poses. Ideal for those with little-to-no Yoga experience, these workshop classes explore Yoga one step at a time. Teachings incorporate accessible Yoga philosophy lessons along with breathing exercises (pranayama) and asana (pose) movement. We focus on executing proper and safe physical alignment, and finding the best positions for your unique body. By receiving the skills to create their own Yoga practices,students gain a higher knowledge of Yoga that is balanced and holisitic, and are given practical steps to apply their learning to everyday Self care. The ultimate goal is to help students build their confidence in the practice of Yoga.

Classes are kept small and intimate to allow for interactive discussion, individual attention, and connection building. These workshops are best for those who are serious and committed to growing their knowledge and practice of Yoga, wellness, and Self care. Lessons are specifically tailored for beginners and are casual, pressure-free spaces. Soul Liberation Yoga & Wellnessis particularly centered on the Black community, and openly holds space Black LGB, trans, GNC, and queer identities. However, people of ANY background and identity are welcome.

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