Sound Healing Yoga & Meditation – 6/24/18

Sound Healing Yoga & Meditation
Sunday, June 24th
3pm to 430pm
$22.22 per person
Queen City Yoga Studio

The dynamic energy collaboration of Eternity Philops (RYT-200, Certified Instructor of Hatha and Kemetic Yoga; Reiki 2nd Degree) of Soul Liberation Yoga & Wellness and Brandi Trujillo(Certified Practicioner of Thai Yoga Therapy, Clinical Reflexology, and Qi-Gong; Reiki 3rd Degree) of Focused Alignment brings to you SOUND HEALING YOGA & MEDITATION, a holistic healing approach to balancing body, mind, heart, and spirit through the power of conscious breathing, controlled movement, and sound submersion.
Designed to guide students on an inner journey of Self discovery and exploration, this yoga and meditation event will be a deeply restorative immersive experience of live sound and vibration with specially tuned quartz crystal singing bowls and other instruments. Beginning with guided pranayama (breath work) and transitioning to a 30-minute slow-flow asana (pose) practice, students will be submerged in the tonal properties of specially selected instruments known to promote healing of the nervous, digestive, and metabolic systems of the physical body. Concluding movement with a comfortable relaxed position of physical stillness, the calm environment becomes one of gentle tone and vibration, gliding participants with ease into a meditative Theta state as brainwaves slow down to create a deep rest known to provide direct access to the subconscious and emotional storehouses.

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