Intro to Tibetan Singing Bowls: A Wellness Workshop

Sound therapy is an approach to healing through vibrational energy. There are many ways to experience sound therapy, with one of the most popular methods being with Tibetan singing bowls. Some benefits include:

– Reduction in stress and anxiety
– Deep relaxation and pain relief
– Increased mental and emotional clarity
– Stimulation of the immune system
– Lower blood pressure and improved circulation

In this wellness workshop, we will explore the cultural background and spiritual significance of Tibetan singing bowls. Together we will practice learning how to make our bowls “sing” as well as identifying the frequencies of our individual bowls. Students will also be guided to create their own healing sound meditation rituals.

You don’t want to miss this workshop! With only 10 spaces available, sign up now to hold your spot!

Registration Link: ✊🏾

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