#SoulSharing: Reclaiming My Creation

February 6, 2020

So the issue regarding unauthorized use of my logo has prompted a lot of moves on my part. One thing I immediately did was check in with the artist I contracted two years ago about the originality of his work. He not only confirmed that he made the logo based on my specs, he even showed me screen shots of changes I requested to the first draft that resulted in the graphic I use today. He THEN did his own Google search of my image, found some clipart sites that had it listed for purchase, and got me the direct link to contact those sites and have it taken down. One of them already has.

Lemme tell you, I appreciate this guy on a whole new level!

Later I did my own Google image search. For the most part, everywhere I found my logo, it was connected to me in some way. Some exceptions were a GoFundMe page from 2019 of someone crowdfunding their trauma-informed Yoga training (looked like they met their goal too, hooray!) and an article on a news website called Las Vegas Black Image. My logo was part of an article on Black wellness.

It wasn’t a terribly egregious misuse, but based on my recent experiences, I went ahead and reached out to the magazine by email. I stated that I found my logo on their website, and due to current issues of intellectual property theft, I asked if they’d simply update the page to show my copyright info. It was a simple and respectful message like what I tried to do before.

Well, to my utmost delight, I got an email response back almost immediately with the editor expressing his apologies and saying he’s informed their web manager to update it as soon as possible. Then he CALLED me to apologize again! We spoke for a few minutes and I told him that it really wasn’t a huge deal, but because of bigger issues, I was trying to clean house where I could. He understood and said that I had friends in Vegas.

Not gone lie, hearing that made me feel SO DAMN GOOD!

The ease of the communication, the humble apology, and the quick rectification is what SHOULD have come about the first time, not the lies and ignorance I had to combat within my own Black Yoga community. It makes such a huge difference when you’re dealing with true professionals who understand the proper way to do things, who you can talk to and work with to address what really does not have to be a “big production” (which is what I was told I was making when I publically advocated for my Self). Yes, it’s reassuring to know that not everything has to be a fight.

I still have a lot to do in terms of protecting my brand. Applications to file and forms to notarize and checks to write. But in the end, it’ll be worth it. Because I’m protecting something near and dear to me, something I’ve put my heart and soul in to build. This is more than my work. This is my craft, my calling, my passion, and my purpose.

And what Spirit has given me, no other will take away.

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