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Recently I’ve launched my new Soul Liberation Wellness online school. What began as a simple way to provide Yoga lessons beyond my local community has expanded into something I had never considered at the beginning of this project. This initiative is more than just your typical online Yoga studio. I now realize that what I’m seeking to build is a community, a sacred and safe(r) place for BIPOC and QTPOC who are serious about their wellness growth and commitment to their Self care to journey together.

This Sunday, April 5th 2020, I will be hosting a 30-minute interest meeting. I will talk about my own personal journey that brought me to this point, share my vision of what I’m trying to create, and discuss how I can serve you as your teacher and guide. It’s a chance for you to ask questions and see if this Black-centered and queer-affirming community is a place for you (I sincerely hope that it is!).

The meeting will be at 3:00pm EST / 12:00pm PST. There is no fee for the meeting, of course, but registration is required. Sign up right now by clicking below:

This meeting isn’t a sales gimmick by any means. To prove that, I’m letting you know upfront the cost of community membership, which is currently $29 a month. What you’ll learn in this meeting, what you will decide for yourself, is if the value of what I have to offer is worth that price.

What I hope you discover is that it’s worth much, much more!

Namasté and Asé

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Eternity Philops
Yoga Educator & Guide
Self Development Coach

Soul Liberation Wellness
Phone: 704.951.SOUL

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