Virtual Sound Meditation: Wednesdays in April 2020

Recently I did a sound test via Facebook live. The point was to see how well my new set of singing bowls resonated with live streaming. I opened the experiment to comments and feedback, because how else would I know how it sounded?

Well, watchers indeed did comment, and the consensus was that it sounded GREAT! I’m trusting that feedback and will now be offering weekly virtual sound meditation. 😊

This offering will be every Wednesday for the month of April at 3pm EST / 12pm PST. The live session can be accessed the following ways:

The sessions are free and don’t require registration, but donations are greatly appreciated (CashApp to $EternityPhilops).

If you know you need this inner healing and want deep relaxation, be sure to mark your calendars RIGHT NOW so you don’t forget! I hope you receive this offering as the blessing it is intended to be and that it aids you in your Self care during these viral times. 🙏🏾❤

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