What Keeps You From Doing Yoga?

A few weeks ago I posted a question on my Facebook page. I asked folks what keeps them from doing Yoga. The answers I got back were a variety. People said things like…

“I’m too thick/curvy/fat.”

“I have an injury.”

“I’m not flexible enough.”

“I don’t know how to get started.”

Though varied, at the heart of these answers is a misconception about the Self, that you have to be a “certain kind of way” to do Yoga. Black folks in particular can feel like Yoga isn’t for us because we don’t often see our bodies represented in the mainstream. At lot of us have limiting mindsets about ourselves regarding physical Yoga practice, falsely believing that we can’t do it because our bodies and abilities aren’t good enough.

This isn’t true. And I can show you just how untrue it is!

Starting June 1st, I’ll be leading a four-week live class series, Yoga for Black Folks Afraid to Try Yoga. This live class series is for the nervous newbie who is curious about Yoga but doesn’t know how to take that first step to do that first pose. I will teach you the basics of Yoga movement and how to safely do some of the most common Yoga poses. Each week I will guide you in a different gentle physical practice that honors your body and affirms your abilities, closing practice with group discussions for reflection and sharing. 

Sessions are each Monday, June 1st through June 22nd, at 5:45pm EST. More details and registration info can be found here: 
The cost is only $49 for all four weeks. And the first five people who register can save $10 with code SAVETEN at checkout.

If you’ve been feeling drawn to Yoga but let fear stop you from moving forward, let this opportunity be your first step!

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