Black Lives Matter. The Lives of...

Black Girl Folk. Black Boy Folk. Black Young Folk. Black Elderly Folk. Black Women Folk. Black Men Folk. Black Gay Folk. Black Lesbian Folk. Black Bisexual Folk. Black Pansexual Folk. Black Asexual Folk. Black Queer Folk. Black Trans Folk. Black NonBinary Folk. Black Intersex Folk. Black GenderNonconforming Folk. Black Fat Folk. Black Skinny Folk. Black Folk with Light Skin. Black Folk with Dark Skin. Black Folk with Mixed Skin. Black Folk with Special Needs. Black Folk with Mental Needs. Black Folk with Emotional Trauma. Black Folk with Body Trauma. Black Folk with Babies. Black Folk with Large Families. Black Folk with No Families. Black Folk with No Home. Black Folk with Low Income. Black Folk with No Income. Black Folk with High Education. Black Folk with No Education. Black Folk with No Religion. Black Atheist Folk. Black Agnostic Folk. Black Spiritual Folk. Black Christian Folk. Black Muslim Folk. Black Buddhist Folk. Black Hindu Folk. Black Native Folk. Black Indian Folk. Black Latin Folk. Black European Folk. Black Asian Folk. Black Caribbean Folk. Black American Folk. Black African Folk. Black Human Folk.

All Black Folk Everywhere.
In Every Way of Being Black.
Of Living Black. Of Dying Black.



Affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. Characterized by departure from tradition; innovative or progressive.

Soul Liberation is an initiative to serve Black folks and BlaQue (Black+Queer) folx, two highly marginalized communities, in the areas of inner and outer wellness. The vision of Eternity PhilopsSoul Liberation delves deeper into the Self and explores the connection between mind, body, heart, and spirit through the lens of Black identity and culture.

Soul Liberation has been honored to serve . . .

About Eternity

As a conscious and free Black queer being, my journey into Yoga and holistic wellness is nothing short of kismet. What began as an experience of curiosity has evolved into a life path and passion for helping others achieve heightened and healthy connections with Self.


Private Individual Sessions

I offer one-on-one lessons on in-depth Yoga and holistic wellness knowledge that you won’t get from the average studio class. I provide focused and dedicated guidance to support you on your personal journey to peace, power, and freedom. I assist and affirm you as you gain the skills to make loving Self care not just something you “do,” but something you live!


I offer small group workshops and public group classes throughout Charlotte. Check the Eventbrite calendar for upcoming offerings and registration details.

Group Sessions & Workshops

Want a private session with family and friends?
Need a wellness workshop for your organization? I can help with that!


I am a Certified Yoga Teacher in not only Indian Hatha Yoga, but also African Kemetic Yoga. I also offer guidance in a variety of other wellness areas such as meditation, energy healing, and life coaching.

Soul Liberation Online School

Along with my local studio, I also created and operate the Soul Liberation Online School. Through this virtual platform, I am able to provide education in Yoga and other healing modalities to students around the world. You can choose from a wide array of lessons that you practice at your own pace, focusing on the areas you prefer and building your own unique wellness practices.


“Eternity is an excellent teacher. She is knowledgeable about her craft and sincere in her effort to empower her students to not just practice yoga with her, but beyond. If you want to get started and don’t know how, Eternity is the best person to learn from.”

Rashaan P.

“ Awesome instructor!! Very knowledgeable!! Warm and inviting. 5 STARS

Andrea M.

“Thank you Eternity!! Your Yoga 101 session was an important part of my healing journey.”

LaToya B.

“It has only been rare moments in my practice where I have created space to sit still and simply be in my body. Eternity’s yoga session helped remind me how to do that. The class wasn’t dedicated to achieving the next pose, it was devoted to us all listening and loving our bodies in that moment, whatever that felt like for us.”

Ilya P.

“Great teacher who really compliments her guidance to where you are as an individual.”

Ashley G.

“Filled with peace and positive energy while guiding others in their own path to tranquility, empowerment, and greatness.”

L’Monique K.

Get the iconic Soul Liberation logo on shirts, shoes, bags, and more! A wide variety of items is available for you to find your favorites!

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