Group Wellness

Together We Grow. Together We Heal.

The South African Ubuntu philosophy says that “I am because we are,” that we are a person through our interactions with other people. This is a call for each of us to do the inner work to help the collective heal. This work becomes even easier when done as a village.

With private group sessions, I create a comfortable communal atmosphere that allows for personal discussion and intimate interaction. The benefit of choosing group sessions is receiving guidance centered around the unique collective energy and personality of your community. Everyone’s needs and abilities are taken into account and honored.

Interested in a private Yoga class with friends?
Want to create a Yoga practice with your family?
Have clients who would benefit from meditation?
Concerned about your staff’s collective well-being?

A group session is exactly what you need!

Wellness Areas

Yoga Poses Basics
Beginner-friendly guidance on accessible Yoga poses that suit your body, and learn how to create your own daily pose practice.

Soothing Sound Meditation
Experience the power of meditation through vibration, breath, and energy, and develop your own inner reflection rituals.

Foundations of Kamili Yoga™
Study the core tenets of a modern Afrocentric Yoga system centering Black holistic wellness through Pan-African culture.

Intro to Kemetic Yoga®
Learn the unique practice of slow flow Yoga postures based on ancient African-Egyptian culture and hieroglyphics.

Community Care Support
Through group dialogue, learn how to expand Self care to the collective level, and create care practices and rituals together.

Gender & Sexuality 101
Go beyond the binary and get a deeper understanding of the wide spectrum of gender identity and queer sexuality.

Friends & Family

Learning Yoga wellness with your intimate community provides an affirming environment and an engrained support system. Plus, it’s fun! Gather your loved ones and go deeper into your wellness journey together.


  • Introduce your children to Yoga practices as a family
  • Throw a wellness party to begin Yoga with friends
  • Build partner intimacy by growing in Yoga as a couple

Community Organizations

Wikipedia defines community organizers as “organizing aimed at making desired improvements to a community’s social health, well-being, and overall functioning.” Bringing Yoga wellness to the people being served aids in this mission of service.


  • Introduce Yoga wellness to spiritual congregations
  • Offer Yoga wellness to therapy and support groups
  • Host a workshop series for community audiences
  • Provide affirming safe(r) wellness spaces to BIPOC and QTPOC

Businesses & Corporations

In this hectic stressful society, Yoga wellness is critical to create and maintain a healthy work atmosphere. Group sessions are ideal for teams of staff and personnel to learn how to develop a healthy balance between the professional and personal.


  • Meditation methods to reduce work-related stress
  • Presentations for in-the-office Yoga wellness practices
  • Day-long wellness retreats to learn various yogic techniques

Let’s Get Started!

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