Groups & Workshops

For private group sessions, I create a communal and comfortable atmosphere that allows for personal discussion and student interaction. The benefit of private group sessions is receiving guidance centered around your group’s unique energy and personality, with lessons based on everyone’s general needs and abilities. Want to introduce Yoga to family members, or have a themed Yoga party with friends? A group session would be great for you!

I can also create informative workshops to address specific topics or themes. Some examples include Meditation Methods, Understanding the Seven Major Chakras, Yoga Basics for Beginners, and much more. Simply let me know what subject you’re interested in, and I’ll customize a workshop tailor-made for your audience!

Group sessions are ideal for:

  • In-home Yoga gatherings with loved ones
  • Community centers and non-profit events
  • Businesses and corporate organizations

Pricing starts at $209 for personal groups of families and friends, $259 for non-profit events and community centers, and $309 for professional and corporate organizations. Sessions run for up to 90 minutes, with additional time added for a fee as needed.

Have some specific or unique needs? Request a consultation for more details!

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