Individual Sessions

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Worthy of spiritual veneration; entitled to reverence and respect.

A Sanskrit word meaning “union” and “connection,” Yoga is a discipline of many different forms that seeks to raise your consciousness and achieve Self realization. The goal of Yoga isn’t a fit body, greater flexibility, or any of the other exercise-oriented reasons most people try Yoga. The true goal of Yoga is to reach “samadhi,” a state of blissful union between your Self and the Divine. In its fullest essence, Yoga is meant to achieve absolute liberation of your soul.

As a Yoga guide, I help others reach these goals of divine union and soulful liberation. I offer one-on-one lessons on in-depth Yoga knowledge that you won’t get from the average studio class. I provide focused and dedicated guidance to support you on your personal journey to peace, power, and freedom. I assist and affirm you as you gain the skills to make Yoga not just something you “do,” but something you live!


Comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected; characterized by the treatment of the whole person.

Because Yoga is a holistic practice, we must take a holistic approach. I specialize in creating customized lessons that meet your individual physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. These personal sessions do not follow a cookie-cutter format and are as unique as you are. Together, we collaborate to set your wellness intentions and develop an effective strategy to meet them.

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Along with your one-on-one lessons, I also provide you with weekly assignments to encourage your commitment, additional resources to increase your knowledge, and accountability check-ins to assist your growth as you continue your practice at home.

Example: Client-A books a set of 8 lessons and schedules their sessions weekly on Mondays. We have a consultation and determine that we should focus on learning Yoga poses to help with Client-A’s back pain (physical), energy work for healing the Heart Chakra from a recent break-up (spiritual/emotional), and meditation methods to increase feelings of joy and gratitude (spiritual/mental/emotional). At each Monday session, we build on what we’ve worked on before, and at-home assignments are given; each week Client-A must work on an ever-growing sequence of poses and end practice with a custom-made 10-minute meditation. They must also keep a daily reflection journal. Client-A has shared that it’s hard to stick with practice over the weekends, so each Friday I contact them for a quick check on their progress and to give extra encouragement and affirmation for their commitment to their growth. I also provide them with additional articles to read on Chakra healing to supplement their learning. By the end of the 8 weeks, we have combined the different dimensions of wellness into a sacred ritual for Client-A to continue to practice on their own, with knowledge on how to further evolve their ritual in the future when needed.

Self Care

The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health; taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness.

Private individual lessons allow you to take your wellness education beyond the standardized basics of studio classes. With me as your dedicated teacher, your lessons become more than just your average generic instruction. They become hand-made, heart-felt learning courses designed specifically for your sacred Self care!

Ready to begin your Yoga journey to wellness and liberation? Request a consultation today!

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