An Afrocentric Wellness System of Complete Union Rooted in Pan-African Cultures & Knowledge

Kamili Yoga™ is a contemporary African-American Yoga system meant to connect Black practitioners to their African roots. It is an exploration and celebration of culture, traditions, and histories not just of the African continent, but of the African diaspora around the world.

The Tenets of
Kamili Yoga

The Three Pillars

Kamili Yoga™ is about creating union. Specifically, we work toward union with Self, union with others, and union with Spirit. These core three pillars of interconnectedness are the Nguzo Tatu.

The Complete Ritual

The complete ritual, termed Ibada Kamili, is a structured practice of five components that focuses your inward attention and energy through outward actions and movement.

Elimu Na Hekima

The translation for “education and wisdom,” this tenet prioritizes the re-learning of lost Pan-African knowledge in order to reclaim our personal and collective power through the intentional study of our Black legacies and African heritages.

Kamili Yoga™ Links

Official Website

Get the full details about Kamili Yoga™ and learn more about the central components, the core practices, and what led to the creation of this Afrocentric system.

Kamili Yoga™ on Facebook

Kamili Yoga™ on Instagram

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