About the Logo

The Soul Liberation logo graphic is an original work of art conceived and commissioned by Eternity Philops to capture the conscious intention of this wellness initiative.

Birthed on February 14th, 2018, the image features the liberation power fist as a symbol of freedom, the jnana mudra as a symbol of wisdom, and a kinky Afro to show the beauty of Blackness. The cross-leg seated position is a universal position of meditation. She is a powerful representation of Black identity and culture in the White-washed world of wellness.

The Soul Liberation logo graphic is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as the United States Copyright Office:

  • US Copyright Office Registration Number: VA0002220838
  • US Patent and Trademark Office Registration Number: 6414496
Check out my #SoulSharing blog post, “Shaming vs Accountability,” about a very public incident confronting logo theft.

Help Protect the Logo

Since its creation in 2018, numerous persons and businesses have attempted to co-opt this image as their own. If you see this image being used outside of Soul Liberation Wellness, it is a direct copyright and trademark infringement!

Please report any illegal use to help protect this iconic logo.

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