Organization Wellness

Together We Grow. Together We Heal.

The South African philosophy of Ubuntu says that “I am because we are,” that we are a person through our interactions with other people. This is a call for each of us to do the inner work to help the collective heal. This work becomes even easier when done as a village.

With organization wellness sessions, I create a comfortable communal atmosphere that allows for transparent discussion and intimate interaction. The benefit of choosing group sessions is receiving guidance centered around the unique collective energy and personality of your community. Everyone’s needs and capabilities are considered during guidance.

Sessions feature:

  • Complete customization to meet unique needs of audience/attendees
  • Comprehensive teachings and activities that can be applied to daily life
  • Discussion-based collaborative participation to foster greater connection
  • Inclusive language respectful of diverse genders, sexualities, bodies, & abilities
  • Trauma-sensitive safe(r) space to honor cultural identities & lived experiences
  • Choice of in-person at location of choice or via virtual streaming platforms

Organization wellness sessions are up to 90 minutes and take place via Zoom or at the organization’s location. Rates begin at $359.

For Friendship Circles
& Social Clubs

  • Enjoy group instruction with the comfort of privacy
  • Introduce members to Yoga as a fun meetup activity
  • Host an interactive wellness party with close friends
  • Learn wellness techniques in supportive fellowship with accountability

For Schools, Community
Centers, & Non-Profits

  • Provide beginner-friendly Yoga classes to marginalized communities
  • Introduce the basics of meditation to energetic youth and teen groups
  • Teach faith-centered wellness to progressive religious congregations
  • Host comprehensive wellness workshops to educate community audiences

For Small Business
Professionals & Networks

  • Offer wellness coaching for therapy and support groups
  • Provide personal development seminars to company clientele
  • Integrate coaching and wellness sessions into conferences and retreats
  • Host wellness events for fellow business owners and professionals

For Corporate
Personnel & Teams

  • Provide accessible opportunities encouraging employee wellness
  • Incorporate meditation techniques to reduce work-related stress
  • Deliver informative presentations about healthy work-life balance
  • Facilitate affirming safe(r) space events for marginalized identities

Let’s Get Started!

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