Wellness Mentorship Coaching

My private sessions do not follow a cookie-cutter format; they are as unique as you are. Together, we collaborate to set your inner intentions and develop an effective strategy to meet them!

Individual Sessions

Most people think that they can’t do Yoga because they’re not fit and flexible, that meditation means completely turning off your thoughts, and that Self care is all about going to spas and beaches.

I’m here to teach you how none of that is true!

As your Wellness Mentorship Coach, it is my goal to teach you the truth about Yoga (hint: you DON’T have to be fit OR flexible!) and help you realize how you can incorporate holistic wellness into your daily life. I combine personal development with action evaluation, meaning that we work on building your capabilities through partnership and assessing your growth as we go.

With an approach balanced in both scientific and spiritual study, I provide focused and dedicated guidance to support you on your soulful journey to inner peace, power, and freedom. I assist and affirm you as you gain the knowledge and skills to live a fulfilling life truly rooted in Self care!

One-on-One Lessons:

  • 45-minute to 90-minute sessions
  • Personalized, goal-centered instruction
  • Great for both beginners and seasoned practitioners

Friends & Family Sessions

For private group sessions, I create a communal and comfortable atmosphere that allows for personal discussion and student interaction. The benefit of casual group sessions is receiving guidance centered around your group’s unique energy and personality, with lessons based on everyone’s general needs and abilities. Want to learn Yoga poses with your family, or have a themed wellness party with friends? A group session would be great for you!

Group Lessons:

  • Serves multiple people in a single session
  • Up to 90-minutes for session (time can be added)
  • Option of a standard studio style or an informal workshop format

Wellness Areas

Holistic Healing Meditation
Experience the power of meditation through breath, sound, and energy, and create your own consistent practice.

Radical Self Empowerment
Get a deeper understanding of Self and reclaim your confidence through open and affirming therapeutic conversation.

Yoga Basics for Beginners
Gentle guidance on accessible Yoga poses that suit your unique body, and how to create your own personal Yoga practice.

Kamili Yoga™ Teachings
Study the core tenets of a modern Pan-African Yoga system centering Black holistic wellness with complete union.

Kemetic Yoga® Teachings
Learn the unique practice of slow flow Yoga postures based on ancient African-Egyptian culture and hieroglyphics.

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