Personal Wellness

Everyone Needs Support to Become Who They Want To Be

Does any of this feel familiar?

  • You think Yoga isn’t for you because you’re not White, skinny, or flexible, and don’t feel comfortable in a group class
  • You’re ready for a yogic lifestyle but don’t know how to start, and YouTube videos aren’t enough
  • You’ve just finished a Yoga teacher training program but don’t have enough confidence to guide students

Or maybe . . .

  • You want to learn how to honor and love your Self more authentically
  • Your anxiety is constantly on 100 and you’re at a loss on how to cultivate soulful inner peace
  • You feel so caged living in a false identity that freedom seems beyond your grasp

Whether you connect with one of these, some of these, or something else close to these, don’t worry . . .

I got you!

I will bend over backwards to support you!

As a kind-hearted educator and collaborative coach, I provide you with a clear direction to your healing. My method, informed by both scientific research and spiritual knowledge, is one of conscious counsel that is highly interactive, reflective, and constructive.

You won’t receive a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach with me. I recognize that everyone has different perspectives and needs, therefore my teachings are unique to each person I work with. Every session is a Spirit-led custom design for the special miracle that is you! I create an exclusive experience that centers your personality, your identities, your life, and your soul!

So whether you are a beginner yogi needing direction, a new teacher getting started, a busy professional searching for balance, or simply someone ready to thrive more than survive in this world, know this . . .

I got you!

Session Options:

  • Mini Zoom Session
    30 Minutes
    Zoom Only
  • Full Zoom Session
    90 Minutes
    Zoom Only
  • Local Session
    90 Minutes
    In-Studio or On-Site
  • Family Session
    90 Minutes
    Up to 10 Relatives
    In-Home or On-Site

Session rates range from $59 to $279.


Life Coaching

Developing Sustainable Self Care Skills
Soulful Solopreneur Business Strategies

Discovering Your Spiritual Path to God
Exploring Ethical Non-Monogamous Lovestyles
Living an Authentic Life of Peace, Power, & Freedom

Yoga Education

Yoga Basics for Beginners
Yoga Celebrating African Identity
Yoga for Mental & Emotional Health
Creating Wholistic Wellness Rituals
Restorative Sound Meditation

Guided Journey

The best way to make the positive lifestyle changes that you seek is to be intentional, stay committed, and genuine effort. For those who are truly dedicated and ready, I develop a Guided Journey™. These are multi-week retainer packages designed to give you focused structure, ongoing support, and affirming accountability as we work through specified “path points” that lead the way to your chosen healing destination.

I will help you align your life!

Together on your Guided Journey™, we will explore your soul Self and uncover new ways to live and work authentically, identify internal obstacles and overcome external limitations, and develop long-term strategies for successfully achieving purposeful goals.

Guided Journeys™ have two options: 30-day and 90-day. Both options include:

  • Weekly 90-minute live guidance sessions, via Zoom or in-studio
    • 4 sessions for 30-day journey
    • 12 sessions for 90-day journey
  • Private chat via WhatsApp for asynchronous guidance
  • Weekly soul-centered growth assignments
  • Affirming accountability check-ins

Rates range from $709 to $2,199.

Session Benefits


Beginning a journey into personal wellness can be intimidating. It is easy to question our abilities, especially when we compare ourselves to what we see on social media. I affirm you in overcoming your internal obstacles of Self-doubt so that you recognize your own greatness.


When it comes to any form of growth, true expertise comes from consistent personal practice. But that practice can be detrimental when you aren’t given constructive feedback to improve. I help you hone your holistic Self care skills to ensure you are doing what is most beneficial for you to thrive.


Are you keeping the promises you made to your Self? Are you doing the work to reach your goals? Affirming accountability helps us succeed. Having someone check in with you and hold you to your word means the difference between moving forward or staying stagnant.


We all like to hear the positive things about us. But ignoring the shadow parts of ourselves keeps us from true Self awareness. I challenge you by telling you what you need to hear, from confronting negative thought patterns to identifying behaviors and choices that are destructive to both you and others.

Let’s Get Started!

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