Areas of Specialty

Based on my academic background, teaching expertise, and Spirit-led natural talents, I specialize in the following wellness areas:

  • Yoga Wellness Education
    • Yoga Basics for Beginners
    • YogaSkills Kemetic Yoga
    • Soothing Sound Meditation
    • Chakra Energy Work
  • Self Development Coaching
    • Therapeutic Self Care Support
    • Spiritual Growth Guidance
    • Ethical Polyamory Lovestyles

Yoga Basics for Beginners

There are many different styles of Yoga movement that are popular in the modern day, so many that a person can feel overwhelmed and intimidated about starting a Yoga practice. I help novices understand the wide array of options by starting them with slow and steady, breath-guided Yoga movement. I create simple asana (pose) sequences that cater to unique physical abilities and needs, as well as teach fundamental Yoga history, philosophy, and terms. This is a great option for newbies to learn some of the most common Yoga poses, develop their personal Yoga practice, and build confidence for attending public Yoga classes.

YogaSkills Kemetic Yoga

This system serves students who prefer an Afrocentric lens toward Yoga. Kemetic Yoga is a modern system born of ancient practices. Based on the hieroglyphics of ancient Kemet (now called Egypt), Kemetic Yoga renews mind, body, and soul through controlled deep breathing and geometrically progressive postures. These lessons are rooted in the system of the YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga, and explore the core principles, poses, and sequences of Kemetic Yoga grounded in African-Egyptian culture and mythology.

Soothing Sound Meditation

Sound is more than just what we hear. It is energy itself. These sessions hold space for students to relax their body and soul with the gentle healing vibrations of calming acoustics. We begin with deep breathing exercises to bring the mind to stillness, and ease into a soothing, thought-clearing meditation to the heavenly tones of the Hapi steel drum and Himalayan singing bowls.

Chakra Energy Work

As spirit beings dwelling in physical bodies, our inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions directly affect our outer energy, and vice versa. Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that align with different spiritual aspects. As an energy worker, I help strengthen your soul’s connection to the higher vibration energy of God/Spirit/Universe through deep breathing and the gentle placing of hands at different Chakra points. This practice helps to balance the flow of our inner life force and clear any energy blockages that may be hindering emotional release and physical healing.

Therapeutic Self Care Support

Through genuine and authentic conversation, we create a safe space for you to be open and vulnerable about anything you need to discuss, process, and release for your healing. This is an intimate exchange for you to be fully heard by someone who is fully present. As your coach and confidante, I provide honest and objective feedback to give you a fresh perspective on overcoming the life issues that are hindering your Self care. We discuss your personal development goals and set practical, measurable actions for you to achieve them.

Spiritual Growth Guidance

Many people are feeling a draw away from organized religion and toward the deeper spiritual essence that naturally exists within. My purpose as your guide is to help you to make sense of where Spirit is leading you. We delve into the core of your foundational belief systems, analyzing what serves your spiritual growth and leaving behind what does not. From there we work to create new rituals and practices that connect you with Spirit in more fulfilling ways.

Ethical Polyamory Lovestyles

A term meaning “many loves,” polyamory is becoming more well-known in mainstream society. Many people are realizing that they have the desire to share intimate love with more than one person, but don’t have the skills or knowledge on how to go about it. I help you explore what polyamory means to you and discover which relationship dynamics would work best for you. I also work with you to ensure that your polyamory lovestyle is expressed in an ethical, healthy way built on communication, vulnerability, trust, and respect for all involved.

Ready to begin your wellness journey?

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